Programmers birthday – what gift will they like?

If you have a friend who is a programmer, it means that all his interests are connected with the world of computer hardware and software. This profession is special – sometimes you don’t even understand what he is talking about and thinking about, programmers have their own language, their own interests and their own humor, which is incomprehensible to those around them. Everything that captures them, fascinates and gives them happiness – these are computer programs, viruses, games, digital equipment and everything connected with it. Undoubtedly, these are people of intellectual work and a mathematical mindset. On a holiday, The standard gift will not work for this kind of person, something special is needed.

Successful gifts for the holiday programmer can be useful not only for his work, but in general, for life with its unusual style and manner. Computer scientists sleep little, work hard, spend almost all their time on the best friend – the computer, they like to eat and drink coffee without getting up from the workplace, and their entertainment, as a rule, is also online. Reflecting on what to give to the programmer, pay attention to such things that will help him in life and work, facilitate both, raise his spirits and make the process more enjoyable.

Slippers in the form of keyboards. Such slippers not only look cool and unusual, they are also good for health, thanks to special “keys” on the sole – these are actually orthopedic slippers, and for such a profession they can be very useful, because IT professionals usually do not have enough time to devote their health.

A cup of coffee or another hot drink is a permanent and indispensable attribute of any programmer at work. At his desk, near the laptop, there is always at least one cup of cold coffee – and for a guy this is really a problem. I did not have time to make myself a hot drink and bring it to the workplace, I just looked at the monitor – and the drink was already cold. Do you want to please the birthday boy? There is a truly brilliant gift to a programmer who is guaranteed to please – this is a thermocup with USB heating!

There is a useful, though not the cheapest thing that will lead the birthday man to his birthday in complete delight. This is a USB vacuum cleaner! There are original, cool, necessary gifts that will appeal to the programmer, but this vacuum cleaner is the leader among all! It is simply indispensable for a person who spends all his time in front of the monitor. It is known that computer scientists eat while working, as they have no extra minute. What does it mean? That the keyboard becomes useless if it is not cleaned. To clean – it means to spend a few hours on the disassembly and the procedure itself, which is not very pleasant. Or use a special vacuum cleaner! Every programmer dreams of such a thing, and far from everyone has one.

A present that is no less creative and useful for a programmer is a table for a laptop. Now they can work without getting out of bed – very comfortable and easy. Especially it will be conquered by the fact that it is not just a table, it has a special cooling system for a laptop – and computer scientists really appreciate such things.

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